Conducting A Payroll Audit

Where Do You Start? | taught by Katrina McKenzie

Course description

I want to share with you my passion around internal audit! In this course we will be looking at the steps needed to conduct a payroll audit.

While conducting an audit does take certain skills and qualifications, I have designed the course at a beginner’s level and kept the technical terms to a minimum to give you a general understanding and a place to start.

What you can expect to gain in this course is an understanding that payroll, depending on the size of the business, can be the largest expense you have, and if it’s not handled properly it can do damage to your budget and cash flow. Also if there are problems in how payroll is managed and a governing body, such as the tax office, gets involved it can have major legal consequences! 

We will look at some of the more common areas within payroll that you might want to look at as well as knowing what types of things to look for that might be an issue if they aren’t found and dealt with.

And, no matter how much I enjoy doing them, audits aren’t just done for fun! The results are put into a report that needs to be presented, so you need to be confident in what you have found and the evidence that backs it up. Also you need to be able to deliver this report, clearly showing your results and recommendations.

It doesn’t matter if you have never conducted an audit before, if you are thinking of becoming an auditor and wanting to see what it is like, or even just curious about how you can make your business or workplace better, this course will get you started in the right direction.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and join me to help make sure your payroll systems internal controls are working for you. 

I’m looking forward to sharing my world with you!

Katrina McKenzie
Katrina McKenzie
Auditor and Compliance Specialist

I believe the face of Auditing is changing. No longer should auditors hide away in back offices with their files and checklists, keeping the audit results hidden, waiting to achieve a ‘Shock Value’ when the results are presented.

I want to take the fear out of auditing by working with you to make sure your audits work for you.

By helping you decide what it is you are hoping to achieve from the audit I can help you produce reports that are targeted to provide valuable information in regards to what is really happening in your business, which can then be used in your strategic planning activities to help your business grow.

I have a passion for all things Audit and Compliance and would love to share that passion with you to help make your business the best it can be!